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Collect the rarest elements in the universe
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Everything and anything around you consists of tiny building blocks, also known as elements. Do you find it hard to imagine something that you can't even see with the naked eye? Then try out our Mendeleyev game! Get ready for an interactive game in space where your responsiveness is tested to collect the rarest elements of the universe.

Get your Ionator 118 ready...

Playing the game is simple: aim the Ionator 118 at flying objects in space and shoot them to pieces! These are then placed in a virtual table of Mendeleev. The trick is to get all the elements, even the least common ones, into the table.

Each element scores points, but it's the rare ones that ensure big scores. In other words: you’ll get a lukewarm applause when you shoot an object with hydrogen to pieces, but you’ll go nuts when you get astatine in the table!

The best thing yet? The coveted bonuses! How about the radiation bonus, the all-halogen-together-bonus, or better yet the heavy-elements-you-do-together-bonus! That’s right: 'together'. To complete some of the tasks you will have to join forces with someone who is equally driven to track down all 118 elements!

In collaboration with

Because chemistry not only makes our hearts beat faster, Technopolis collaborated with essenscia vlaanderen, the sector federation of chemistry and life sciences, the joint and sector training fund Co-valent and 9 chemical companies for Mendeleev's table.

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