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Explore the world in virtual reality
This summer we are flying out. Through the streets of New York, Chicago, Zurich and Milan, and all the way to Jurassic Park. And all that without setting foot on a plane or outside Technopolis.

Have you always wanted to fly like a bird? Flat on your belly, with your arms spread and the wind in your hair? Then try out Birdly, the virtual reality experience of the moment, this summer.
Birldy 1

Fly like a bird

Just like a real bird, you flutter with your arms and use your whole body to fly through the air. Advanced robotics and 3D simulation techniques complete the illusion that you are really flying among skyscrapers and dinosaurs. You can even feel and hear the wind whooshing past your ears.

Birdly New York
Birdly Barriererif

Swim like a turtle

With Birdly, you can also swim like a real sea turtle in the Great Barrier Reef. By lying on your belly and moving like a real turtle, you feel like you are diving dozens of metres below sea level.

Take part in a race

You will feel the adrenaline rush through your body twice during the Wingsuit Race and VRace. Escape reality in a breathtaking flight between mountain peaks or a futuristic race through space.

What you need to know

€ 6 for 1 ticket. For 2 tickets and more, you pay only € 5 per ticket. You can buy them online or at the Technopolis reception desk.
With 1 ticket, 1 visitor can try out 1 type of experience. Birdly is not included in your day ticket for Technopolis and/or Insectopia.
The experience itself takes 2 to 3 minutes. A member of staff will first give you a brief explanation.
The software needs a little time to switch between experiences and locations. To minimise waiting times, you may not be able to select an experience or location.
Untill 31 August 2022
Not suitable if you are pregnant or under 1.20 m tall.
Birdly Jurassic

About Birdly®

Birdly is a unique platform that takes virtual reality to unprecedented heights. The simulator has already been installed in museums, attractions, airports… all over the world.

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Sustainable holidays

Flying on a plane? No one is interested anymore. What do you think, will you be spreading your wings and exploring the world this summer? Thanks to Birdly, you can do so without leaving a huge ecological footprint. A real must this summer!