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Birthday party: special summer deal

Celebrate your birthday at Technopolis and Insectopia
Do you have a birthday during the holidays? And do you want people to talk about your party for a long time to come? Then let all your friends know that Technopolis and Insectopia are the places to be this year. We’ll let the giant insects in our forest know you’re coming!
Verjaardag jongen en meisje in tuin

Go on a science adventure

What is a birthday party without fun discoveries? Starting at 13.00, all party animals can explore Technopolis to their heart’s content. During the summer holidays we give free shows and demos every day.

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Insectopia honingbij square

Get the jitters in Insectopia

An exciting journey of discovery in Insectopia will make your birthday party truly unique. Or have you ever been on a party jet with a big wood ant, a huge hornet, an enormous firefly and a giant head louse?!

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Cool down in the summer bar

Is your voyage of discovery over? Starting at 15.30, it’s time for drinks and ice cream in our cosy summer bar near our science centre and Insectopia.

Still have some energy left? Go play with your friends in the beach sand, take a mini trip around the world, pose like a butterfly against our large photo wall and discover the craziest things about insects.

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What does your party cost?

  • Birthday child and 2 adult supervisors: free of charge
  • Child: € 22.50
  • Additional adult: € 27
  • Subscribers get a € 2 discount

What is included?

  • For the birthday child:
    • a crown
    • a present
    • an ice cream and a drink
  • A festive welcome
  • A visit to Technopolis
    • with free show
    • and free demos
  • A visit to Insectopia
  • A great birthday photo
  • Original invitation cards (which you can print yourself)
  • Free parking for all
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What is not included?

The ice cream and drink cost € 4 per party animal. The total amount is calculated on the spot and can be paid at the summer bar.

What you need to know for sure

Great deal for children aged 5 to 12.
For minimum 10, maximum 20 party animals (including the birthday boy).
The party starts at 13.00 with a visit to Technopolis and Insectopia. Technopolis closes at 17.00 but depending on the number of visitors the summer bar will stay open a bit longer.
Drinks and ice cream will be available at the summer bar starting 15.30.
We do not offer Pretlabs (special birthday workshops) during the summer holidays.
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