Build the city of the future with LEGO Studio 2.0

Are you an architect or an artist? Are you full of ideas for the future? And do you mentally sort bricks when you think of LEGO? Then take part in our online competition before the end of August and build a city of the future. Your tool: an infinite supply of bricks made of zeros and ones.
LTT Studio Micro City Modern Jungle 01

Build a sustainable city

A sustainable city is not only good for the people and animals who live in it; it is also good for the economy and the planet. Windmills, swimming ponds instead of swimming pools, trees and bushes all the way up to rooftops… Get creative and put your thoughts not on paper but on a 1616 studs plate.

LEGO bord zwart


We’re throwing in another challenge: microscale. This is a LEGO building style where the structures are even smaller than the standard LEGO scale based on LEGO minifigures.

LTT Studio Micro Elementen 01

Need inspiration?

* To open these files, you must first download LEGO Studio 2.0. Then open the programme and click on open’.

Time to build!

Ready to start on LEGO Studio 2.0? Then watch our instruction video.

  • Download LEGO Studio 2.0
  • Save your creation by clicking on File’ in the top left corner of LEGO Studio 2.0 and then Save As…’.
  • Name your creation microcity_​first_​last_​name” (for example: microcity_​neel_​boone). That way we won’t confuse your design with another builder’s.
  • Email your file to ateliers@​technopolis.​be and briefly describe what you’ve built. Be sure to include your first and last name and your age.

Rome wasn’t built in a day either

Take your time to think about each building step. 

You have until August 31st to send us your design.
Any questions? Please send an e-mail to
You can start creating designs at the age of 8. If you are a little younger, you can, with a little help from mum, dad, big sister... also get started.
1 design per participant
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Win a LEGO set and a place in the palace

You don’t have to build just for the honour. If you’re one of the best designers, you will be rewarded with one of these coveted LEGO sets:

  • First prize: 31129 Big Tiger
  • Second Prize: 31121 Crocodile
  • Third Prize: 31088 Deep Sea Creatures