We are open on Wednesdays, during weekends and during the Carnival holidays. Do not forget to buy your tickets online and/‚Äčor to indicate the day and time of your visit. Please follow all safety measures!
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Communion or spring feast

Give your feast an original and scientific touch
Make your communion or spring feast in 2021 a feast to remember! Besides enjoying a delicious meal at Technopolis, you will also be immersed in the wonderful world of science. After a finger-licking barbecue (and decontamination immediately afterwards), you can explore the Technopolis exhibition space. And, as icing on the cake, all guests in the party room will be treated to an exclusive science show full of spectacular tests! Sounds good? Ask for an offer for your feast today!

Treat your guests to an original and corona-proof feast!

Let Technopolis Events take care of your communion or spring feast in 2021. We will take care of everything down to the last detail and also take care of all the necessary corona measures.

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Spacious and well-ventilated room

Leave all your worries at home and relax! In times when you can only have a limited number of guests at home, Technopolis opens up its most spacious and best-ventilated Einstein party room to you and all your guests!

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Barbecue with table service

Together with other families, each celebrating in their own bubble and at a safe distance, you can enjoy a delicious barbecue. You can sit at the table while we serve the banquet safely. Mmm, a mouth-watering thought, right?

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On a scientific adventure

Unique to a party at Technopolis is... Technopolis itself of course! Don’t forget to leave the feast hall to discover our exhibition space where hand gels, arrows and clear distance rules guarantee a fun and safe experience.

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Science show of stature (NL)

The icing on the cake of any feast is the entertainment! We make sure all guests experience a spectacular science show (in Dutch) only offered by Technopolis. Prepare yourself for a series of surprising tests that no magic show can match!

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Nice gift

A communion or spring feast is incomplete without the communicant or spring party animal unwrapping gifts. You will also receive a gift from Technopolis!

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Does that sound like music to your ears?

Let us know when and with how many people you would like to celebrate at Technopolis. We will make you with an offer without obligation. If the corona measures make communion or spring feasts impossible, you can cancel free of charge. If you have any special wishes, please feel free to share those with us. Together, we will look at your preferences and work out a customised proposal.

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Soak up the atmosphere!

All pictures on this page were taken before the outbreak of the corona crisis.