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Can you complete our chain reaction?

Win a free visit and set the new chain reaction in motion!
3 till 18 April
What do oranges, a pedal bin, a giant piggy bank, a basketball, and a boxing glove have in common? They all form part of our dazzling, astonishing OMG-I-can't-believe-my-eyes chain reaction, which will be triggered every Wednesday at Technopolis, starting 28 April. That is, if you can help us complete the chain reaction. Want to take part in our competition during the Easter holidays (3 to 18 April)?

How do you make the pétanque balls roll?

We are busy building a spectacular chain reaction that will astonish visitors. But... we’re at our wits' end. A chain reaction only works if each action leads to a new action.

How so? A simple example of a chain reaction is a row of dominoes tumbling. Each domino that topples causes another domino to topple due to gravity, until no more dominoes are left standing. If, halfway through, a domino doesn’t fall, the chain reaction will not be complete, and nobody will cry out ‘wow!’ And that’s precisely the problem with our chain reaction. At one point in the chain, a boxing glove pushes against a duster (see photo), the duster moves to the left, and then... nothing happens.

Can you think of a crazy way for the seesaw holding the pétanque balls to tip over and turn our chain reaction into a spectacular event?

Enter our competition!

Make a drawing or small model of your brilliant solution, write your name and a grown-up's e-mail address on it (or your own, if you’re over 13) and drop it off at the reception in Technopolis. Or take a picture of it and send it to The competition runs from 3 to 18 April. And in case you were wondering, no idea is too crazy!

And if you win?

If you come up with the most brilliant idea, we will inform you personally shortly after the Easter holidays and use your design to complete the chain reaction. It doesn't matter if we need pink elephants, flip-flops, lollipops, candlesticks, arrows, or whatever to get it done. When we say that no idea is too crazy, we mean it.

And, fair is fair, we're not walking away with the honour. You'll be the one to trigger our splinter-new chain reaction at Technopolis on Wednesday 28 April, while all the other visitors look on. On this special day, you and your bubble can visit Technopolis for free!

In a nutshell

You have to come up with a solution to make the duster tip over the pétanque balls.
You can drop off your drawing or model at our reception (with your name and e-mail address on it) or simply take a picture of it and e-mail it to
The competition runs from 3 to 18 April 2021.
If you win, you can visit Technopolis with your bubble on Wednesday 28 April for free, and can trigger the chain reaction that, thanks to you, will be complete by then.

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