Experience the magic of K3 at Technopolis

Did you know that Hanne, Marthe and Julia love science? They came to Technopolis a while ago and had the time of their lives here. They thought a few of the experiments were so WOW that we’ve given them a K3 look. For the biggest (and smallest) fans, we now have the brand-new exhibit Dance with K3”.

What are you waiting for? Come and spend a day experimenting at Technopolis, just like K3!
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Discover Hanne, Marthe and Julia’s favourite experiments

Play Waterval” on the tube piano

Hanne prefers playing the piano with… slippers! Grab one and give our tube piano a good whack with it. All you need to know is: the longer the tube, the lower the pitch.

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Mix music with K3 sounds

Marthe could happily come and mix music on our music table every day. It’s full of discs that all make a different sound. Select and sort your discs and start playing!

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Make a video like K3

Julia’s into making videos with photos! She discovered this on our set in Technopolis, where you can get away with taking the craziest photos. They are put together in rapid succession, resulting in a very special video.

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Pretend you’re a butterfly

Stand between the wings of our giant butterfly, just like Hanne, Marthe and Julia. Spread your arms wide, smile for the camera and shout kaaaay threeeee!

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Dance with K3

Stand in front of our green screen, give your arms and legs a good shake and dance to Mango Mango”, Sprookjesboek” and Waterval”. Don’t forget to look at the big screen: it looks like you’re dancing next to K3. How crazy is that?!

If I were a scientist…”

Do you know the K3 song Sprookjesboek by heart? If so, you’ll recognise a lot of things from the brand-new video clip at Technopolis. Can you spot them all?


All the magic of K3 is included in your day ticket

For anyone who’s crazy about music and science

The K3 exhibits (like everything else in our main exhibition) are recommended for kids from the age of 8.
Oops, a bit too young? Under supervision, younger children can definitely enjoy K3’s favourite experiments too.
Up to and including 7 January 2024.

Oya lélé, there’s much more to experience at Technopolis!

Such as our brand-new show Kosmos Airlines, in which we take you on a journey into space twice a day on weekends. There are also live demos in our exhibition space every day, and during school vacations in Flanders you can participate in numerous workshops.

K3 are Technopolis fans. What about you?

Julia: Science is surprisingly cool! Especially at Technopolis. We learnt that there’s science in everything. In our songs and in our videos. Even in our dance routines!’

Marthe: The most important thing we learnt? That science is great fun and not that hard at all.’

Hanne: I’d recommend to anyone to go to Technopolis and try out our favourite experiments for yourself.’

K3 lab experiment