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TikTok BOOM!

Blow your followers away on our TikTok Tour!
Are you on TikTok every day? Would you like to make videos that leave your followers open-mouthed and surprised? Then do as Céline and Michiel, Nour and Fatma, and Jamilla and Elodie Gabias and get creative during our TikTok Tour starting this Easter! That's science and TikTok in one tour through Technopolis. If you post your best experiments on TikTok with #TikTokBoom and tag @Technopolis_be, you can win a coveted tour behind our screens!

BOOM on TikTok in 1001 ways!

Ready to fearlessly lay down on a bed of nails? Or dance to the Jerusalema with your own colour shadow? Or stand inside a gigantic soap bubble and burst it? Our possibilities are endless! Maybe you can think up a cool challenge yourself? Put your imagination to work and let the camera roll!

Sporttentoonstelling 131

Lay down fearlessly on the bed of nails

Sporttentoonstelling 38

Balance a dumbbell on your little finger

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 72

Show us how tall or small you ar

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 67

Show us how hard you can pedal

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 64

Dance the Jerusalema using your own coloured shadow

Sporttentoonstelling 75

Imitate a ballerina without a tutu

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 68

Stand in the bubble and... poke!

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 19

Imagine flying like Superman


Go and multiply yourself

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 33

Strike a blow with your eyes closed

20210318 Technopolis Tik Tok 43

Straight lines or not? Turn your eyes and squint at the camera

201808 Techn 273

Ride a horse without reins

Van de graaff 29

Pretend to stick to electricity

Every Wednesday starting 21 April, during the Van de Graaff demonstration (NL)

Win a tour behind the scenes!

With bangers of videos, you may not just be booming on TikTok, you can also win a coveted prize.

Post your experiment on TikTok with #TikTokBoom and tag @Technopolis_be. Is your post viewed the most? Then you and your BFF can dive behind the scenes of Technopolis for free.

The rules of the game

Post and record your video during the Easter holidays (3 to 18 April 2021). We will select a winner shortly after and inform him/her personally.
Not only experiments from the TikTok Tour count. Feel free to get creative with anything you come across.
You must be at least 13 years old to participate.
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When you arrive, you will be given a map with the entire TikTok Tour.
Your participation is included in the price of your day ticket.

Buy your tickets online and let us know when you drop by

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