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Water side makes room for new zone

Our water experiments get a new place

Our Water side has been removed to make way for a brand-new zone that will partially open at the end of 2020. Our best setups from the Water side will be temporarily stored. By the end of 2022, they will be given a nice spot in the by then renovated and expanded Children’s Science Centre. Discover all our plans for the future!

Whirlpools, standing waves, a ball fountain and a particularly rare red octopus... You won't find them all at once in exotic waters or in a subtropical swimming pool, but you will find them here at the Technopolis Water side. A place where you don't just splash with water, you also experiment with it!

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Experiment with water!

We will challenge you with a series of unique experiments in our Water side. How about putting your own paddleboat together and then launching it into the water? Or channeling a watercourse yourself? Or pumping up balls or making air bubbles and see if they all rise at the same speed. Or standing upright in a giant soap bubble! While experimenting you will learn a lot about the law of connected vessels, the Archimedes screw and how a Coriolis wheel works.

Attention: splashing and splashing with water is allowed!

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