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In our shop now: our Technopolis face mask!

Show us that you love science!
The fact that you have to wear a face mask in Technopolis from the age of 12 is undeniable. But it’s up to you to decide what you want your face mask to say! Are you crazy about science and do you like to show it? Then hurry to our shop and get our Technopolis face mask!


A plain white or black face mask? *Sigh!* Leave them at home and put one on that shows you love science! Our Technopolis face mask shows the chemical components of – take a guess - your breath!

The face mask also comes with a folder in Dutch containing some fun scientific facts about the air you breathe. You will also find out why some ingredients may cause a bad smell in your mask.


Purchase in our shop or order online:
€ 14,50
One size fits all for adults