Do not forget to buy your tickets online and/​or to indicate the day and time of your visit. 
Please follow all safety measures!
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Have a safe visit

We strictly follow all measures
In order to provide you with the safest and most carefree experience possible, we have taken a series of important corona measures. Because we are only allowed to receive a limited number of visitors at the same time for the time being, you are required to buy your tickets online and indicate the day you will be visiting us via our registration and ticket module. Please carefully read what you need to take into account before and during your visit. This way you protect yourself and each other!

We strictly follow all measures

As long as the corona crisis lasts, we strictly follow the measures according to the Ministerial Decree of the Minister of Interior. This means that we:

  • do not condone gatherings
  • only allow visitors within their own "bubble"

If you do not respect these rules, you may be denied access to Technopolis, without refund of your ticket(s). Together we keep it safe!

Before you leave for Technopolis

Buy your ticket(s) online and register your visit date

For your safety, we only allow a limited number of visitors. In order to be able to know exactly how many visitors we will be receiving, you are required to buy your tickets online and indicate the day of your visit and your time of arrival. This is how we avoid too many visitors arriving at the same time. Make sure you leave for Technopolis on time.

For the time being, we will no longer receive individual visitors and school groups in one day. Therefore, Technopolis will only be open to individual visitors on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Technopolis is open to the general public every day during autumn break and the Christmas holidays, except 25 December and 1 January.

Do you have a valid ticket or are you a subscriber?

Fill in the correct number under "Subscribers and persons who already have a valid ticket". Then all you have to do is indicate when you’re visiting. Afterwards you will receive a written confirmation which you need to show at the entrance along with your ticket or subscription.

Reserve your spot for our show (NL)

Don't forget to reserve your spot for our show in the separate reservation module.

Do you show symptoms and/or do you feel sick?

Postpone your visit if you show one or more Covid-19 symptoms and/or if you feel sick.

When you get to Technopolis

Have your admission ticket ready

Have your ticket ready the moment you arrive. If you already had a ticket or subscription, please have them ready along with your registration confirmation. This makes scanning easier and reduces queues.

You cannot buy tickets at Technopolis: you can only do so online via our registration and ticket module. Subscriptions can also only be bought online.

No cloakroom

You cannot temporarily store your jacket, backpack and other stuff at Technopolis. If you come by car, you can leave them there.

When you're in Technopolis

Temporary limited offer

Certain exhibits such as the bicycle on the cable were temporarily closed for your safety. Read more about our safety measures in the exhibition area.

For the time being, no workshops are organised in the Lab or Atelier.

Be sure to reserve your spot for our show (NL) in advance via the reservation module. You do not need a reservation to attend our demonstrations. 

Get around with our free app

We're temporarily not providing a paper info map. After all, you'll find all the necessary information about what's on offer in Technopolis, including a floor map, in our free app.

You will also find all the information on our website, and through the screens and additional signage in our exhibition space.

Can’t find your way?

Feel free to speak to one of our employees. You can recognize them by their bright red shirts.


The restaurant is open again. We strictly follow all corona measures and make sure there is enough space between the tables, so that everyone can keep one and a half metres distance. For practical reasons, you are temporarily not allowed to enjoy a picnic at Technopolis.

Shop is open

Like all shops in the country, our shop is open to a limited number of visitors at the same time. For hygienic reasons you can't pay with cash. However, you can pay by debit or credit card (via the terminal or contactless) or via the Payconiq app.

Protect yourself and each other!

Keep a 1.5-m distance and follow the arrows

Always keep 1.5 meters distance from each other (unless you live under one roof) and be courteous to each other by limiting your time per setup.

To avoid too many visitors experimenting in a zone at the same time, we ask you to follow the arrows on the ground as much as you can.

Hygiene, sanitary facilities and first aid

Alcohol gels are provided so that you can disinfect your hands regularly. In addition, all surfaces that are regularly touched (such as touchscreens, push buttons...) are disinfected several times a day. The cleaning of the sanitary facilities is done at a higher frequency. With regard to first aid, all regulations were adapted in light of the coronavirus.

Face masks are required for all visitors aged 12 and older.

Extra tips to protect yourself and each other


Frequently asked questions

My online ticket expired during closure. Now what?

Under normal circumstances, our online tickets are valid for 1 month. If you could not use your ticket(s) due to our closure, please send an email to with the code of your ticket(s) and we will deliver you (a) free voucher(s) in exchange.

What if I want to change my visit date?

If you really cannot visit on the registered day, send an email to

Any other questions about our corona measures?

Call the person in charge of all public spaces (0471 95 85 04) or the prevention advisor (0479 19 30 11).

Let us know what you thought of your visit!

We do our best to give you a safe and carefree experience. Hopefully you felt at ease during your visit. Did you see any areas for improvement? That is possible, because the corona crisis presents all our employees with many new and unprecedented challenges. Give us your opinion and we'll do our best to gradually fine-tune our measures.