Update 23/10/2020 — Technopolis and Dinopolis remain OPEN! To visit us you need an online ticket and/​or a registration confirmation.
Have a safe visit
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Buy your tickets online and register your visit date
Are you planning to visit us? That's a great idea! Don't forget to buy your tickets online before your visit and register your visit date. Due to the corona crisis, we no longer sell tickets at the ticket counter in Technopolis.

Buy your ticket(s) online and register your visit date

For your safety, we only allow a limited number of visitors. In order to be able to know exactly how many visitors we will be receiving, you are required to buy your tickets online and indicate the day of your visit. Don't forget to reserve your spot for our demos during the school holidays, shows and workshops in the separate reservation module.

Do you still have a valid ticket or are you a subscriber?

Fill in the correct number under "Subscribers and persons who already have a valid ticket". Then all you have to do is indicate when you’re visiting. Afterwards you will receive a written confirmation which you need to show at the entrance along with your ticket or subscription. You also need to reserve your spot for our shows, demos and workshops in the separate reservation module.


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Children younger than 4 years old

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Children between 4 and 11 years old

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Adults and children older than 12

2019 06 18 Icon 4 Technopolis

Seniors 65+

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Disabled children between 4 and 11 years old

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Disabled adults and children older than 12 years old

Are you a teacher? Then you only pay € 8,50 (50% discount!), provided you can show us a valid teachers card. This special rate is for teachers only. Discover all advantages for seniors. Need assistance? We give free access to 1 person per visitor using a wheelchair. We also give free access to 1 person per 2 disabled visitors when they do not make use of wheelchair. Entitled to a reduced rate? Technopolis works together with UiTPAS and Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie.

All activities included in your day ticket

Your day ticket gives access to all exhibitions and activities at Technopolis except for the temporary outdoors exhibition Dinopolis. Have a look at the day programme to find out which activities to expect the day of your visit.

Parking is included as well!

Planning a school trip?

There is a special rate for schools. Discover our group rates for schools here:

Planning a group visit?

Groups of 15 people or more enjoy a group rate. Reserve your group visit in advance and you will receive a nice discount!



Are you planning on visiting Technopolis more often? Then a subscription is a cheap solution: you’ll have recuperated the cost of your subscription after only 3 visits. And you will also receive numerous benefits and discounts at other partners with your subscription.

And... if you purchase your subscription online, you receive a nice discount!

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How about a gift certificate?

Do you want to give someone an original gift? Buy 1 or more vouchers of 25 euros online now. The amount can be spent on entrance tickets or in the Technopolis shop.

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Entitled to a reduced rate?

  • If you are entitled to a reimbursement and you have an UiTPAS with an opportunity fee, please send an email to info@technopolis.be to book your trip in advance. After all, you get a discount: 80% for residents of Mechelen with an UIT-pass, and 50% if you have an UIT-pass and you live in another Flemish municipality. Check where UiTpas is active: https://www.publiq.be/en/project/uitpas.

  • Technopolis also works together with Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie to ensure that a visit to Technopolis is also possible for people with a limited budget. Before you visit, contact Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie. When you arrive at Technopolis, you can pay for your day tickets (at a reduced rate) electronically at the reception.
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Means of payment

Provided you book your visit via info@technopolis.be at least one working day in advance, we will also accept the following means of payment at the checkout:

  • Sports & culture vouchers from Edenred, Sodexo and Monizze (both paper and electronic)
  • Consumer cheques from Sodexo and Edenred (on paper) and Monizze (electronic)
  • Ecocheques from Edenred and Sodexo (both paper and electronic)
  • Mechelen voucher

Temporarily no Discovery Combi (B-Day Trip)

Under normal circumstances you can take a Discovery Combi (B-day trip) from SNCB to Technopolis by train and by bus. Due to the corona crisis, you can only buy tickets online via the website of Technopolis, which means that you will temporarily not be able to use this formula.

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Did you know that?

  • Your online tickets are only valid on the date indicated on your ticket. If you really can't come on the registered day, please send an email to info@technopolis.be.
  • Have your ticket(s) ready as soon as you arrive. If you have a subscription or if you still have a valid ticket, have it ready together with your registration confirmation. This makes scanning easier and reduces queues.
  • A ticket costs € 1 more at the ticket counter than in the online ticket shop.

Buy your tickets online and let us know when you drop by

In order to know exactly how many visitors we will be receiving, you are required to register your visit date online in advance and purchase your ticket online. If you still have a valid ticket or you are a subscriber, you only need to indicate when you will be visiting.