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The best all-in this summer!

Departure science trip to Technopolis
The best all-in formula? You will surely find it at Technopolis, your favourite holiday destination during the summer holidays. A five-star accommodation with all the trimmings awaits you! Pamper yourself with top-of-the-range entertainment, crazy fun in our water attraction, hot à la carte tasting cocktails and an excursion full of discoveries. What's more, we promise you a safe trip without worries about corona: that's your travel guarantee. Ready to check in? Then go to the registration and ticket module now! Post your holiday photo on social media and receive a free return ticket.
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Flight and five-star accommodation

Step aboard our flight simulator and imagine yourself on an exotic destination! Tired of all that travelling? Then a comfortable bed of nails awaits you.

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Lots of water fun

There's nothing like splashing around in our water attraction! Did you know that not only do you learn about water, but you can also spot a very rare octopus? And that you can stand upright in a bubble?

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Excursion full of discoveries

Make surprising discoveries during an excursion in our Do-Garden! You don't need a guide in our jungle of experiments but keep your eyes wide open when following in the footsteps of the most dangerous animal in the world or crossing a living bridge!

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Hot tasting cocktail (NL)

What will it be for you? A mysterious cocktail of ice cream that doesn't "melt"? Or would you rather go for a hot tasting cocktail? Choose à la carte from our list of most appreciated experiments and brace yourself for a colourful mix of smoke, flames and pops!

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The Best Entertainment (NL)

Sit back in our auditorium and enjoy our shows 'Balloons blow themselves up' and 'Quiz-o-polis'!

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Carefree enjoyment of your science trip

Your travel guarantee

To give you a safe and carefree science trip during the summer holidays, we have taken a whole series of measures.

In this way we receive fewer visitors at the same time and we adapted our offer. Setups that are not sufficiently safe in the light of the corona crisis were temporarily closed down.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to speak to one of our monitors. You can recognize them by their bright red shirt.

You can only buy tickets online for the time being. Are you a subscriber? In the ticket and registration module you only need to indicate when you are visiting.
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