Workshops during the summer vacation

Ready for a series of super fun workshops during the Flemish summer vacation (from 1 July till 31 August)? Make sure to sign up in advance, because our workshops are very popular and the number of places is limited. 

Too young for a workshop? If mum, dad, grandma, uncle… (or another adult) helps out, you can take part in all the workshops.
Glibberwormen maken in het Lab 8

Don’t speak Dutch?

We do our best to offer most of our workshops to French and English speakers, as well. How well we can coach you depends on the language skills of the coach in question. We try to provide manuals in French and English, too, but our software is only available in Dutch. When a workshop is followed by NL’, this means that the workshop can only be led in Dutch.

How to add your day tickets to your shopping cart

Have you put one or more workshops in your shopping cart? Don’t complete your order yet: first go to our ticket page and add your day tickets. Or you can do it the other way around, of course: first add your day tickets to the shopping cart, and then choose your workshops on this page. 

That way you only have to provide your details once and you’ll receive all your tickets in one email.

Add your day tickets

What you need to know

Online registration is required for all workshops
Your participation is included in the price of your day ticket.
You can also book a workshop without buying tickets online.
Every day during the Flemish summer vacation, including Sundays and public holidays.
Adults do not need to sign up.

A little too young? 

No worries! If mum, dad, grandma, uncle… (or another adult) can help you, you can participate in all workshops. We expect one accompanying adult per child that is too young to participate alone.