Accessibility and facilities

Everyone deserves a fun day filled with new scientific discoveries. You can therefore depend on these facilities during your visit.
Hoofdexpo helling

Free parking plus charging stations

  • At Technopolis you will find a free car park with plenty of space for both cars and coaches.
  • Our car park has four charging stations. These work with a Nexxtmove subscription from Powerdale or with a QR code (banking apps, Bancontact or Payconiq).
  • You can park your bicycle in our free covered (unsupervised) bike storage area.

Especially for babies

  • On the ground and lower floors, you will find a baby changing station in the sanitary areas, complete with a changing cushion, nappy bin and basin with a shower head. This zone is also ideal for breastfeeding mums who wish to express milk, as the door can be locked and an electrical socket is provided.
  • The restaurant has a microwave in which you may warm up baby food.

Pushchairs and wheelchairs

  • Technopolis is easily accessible with a wheelchair or pushchair. Thanks to a slope, it is easy to move between the upper and lower floors and you can use a lift upon request.
  • There is plenty of room to manoeuvre throughout our exhibition area. More difficult access is only encountered in our auditorium, where shows take place, due to the presence of stepped seating (excluding the front row).
Main exhibition

Prepare your visit

As additional support, that day we provide a visual roadmap and a sensory guide.

To prepare your visit down to the last detail, you can do some virtual exploring of Technopolis. First click on play’ and then on the icon at the top right to view the tour in full screen mode.

Stimulus basket

We provide a stimulus basket specially for children and adults who are sensitive to stimuli. It contains items such as sunglasses, gloves and fidget toys to block out unwanted stimuli. If you need these during your visit, just ask at reception.

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Adapted sanitary facilities

  • Both the ground and lower floors have adapted sanitary facilities which are suitable for wheelchair users.
  • The children’s hands-on experience centre features child-sized toilets.
  • All toilets in Technopolis may be used free of charge.


  • For safety and hygiene reasons, dogs, cats and other pets are not permitted in Technopolis, not even in a carrying basket.
  • Guide dogs for the blind are welcome of course!

First Aid

Small incidents are quickly dealt with in the First Aid room. Our public assistants have all received First Aid training.

Lockers and coat hooks

Just beyond the reception you will find coat hooks, together with coin-operated lockers. Some have an integrated electrical socket, allowing you to charge your telephone, for example.

Ventilation system

Our building is always a pleasant temperature, even in hot weather.

No smoking

Technopolis is an entirely no-smoking building.

Free Wi-Fi

Feel free to use our wireless internet.