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With an extensive range of rooms in which the sky is the limit in terms of design possibilities, Technopolis is known as the event location par excellence.

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Planning an event soon?

Be sure to choose Technopolis. What makes us stand out? The setting. Technopolis oozes science and innovation, and which pioneering company doesn’t want to be associated with such great things?

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Facilities & Support

Ideal location and free parking

Technopolis is close to the Mechelen-Zuid junction on the E19 and a good 2 km from Mechelen station.

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What’s the topic of conversation at an event? Right: the food. That’s why we make sure the catering really meets your every single need!

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Extra support

If you need waiters, host(s) or speakers, just let us know and we’ll make sure they’re on standby. 

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Opening hours business events

For business events we are happy to open our doors early and keep them open long after closing time. We organise events every single day of the year, except on Christmas and New Years Day.

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