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Technopolis has a wide range of rooms measuring 20 to 700 m², so no event is too big or too small. From conferences, fairs and lectures to small meetings: Technopolis can handle it all.

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Are you planning an event in the near future?

If so, you should definitely choose Technopolis. What makes us different? The setting. Technopolis is all about science and technology: what progressive company wouldn’t want to be associated with that?

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Facilities & Support

Ideal location and free parking

Technopolis is close to the Mechelen-Zuid junction on the E19 and a good 2 km from Mechelen station.

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Catering, a feast for all senses

Our catering takes the experience to a new level. Did you know that we also have food trucks?

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Extra support

Do you need waiters, hosts, moderators or technical support? Don’t worry! We can arrange everything for you, from A to Z. 

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Opening hours business events

For business events we are happy to open our doors early and keep them open long after closing time. We organise events every single day of the year, except on Christmas and New Years Day.

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