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A visit to Technopolis is an absolute must for all ages. Curious about what your day might look like?

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Hoofdexpo 11


In every corner of the Technopolis a crazy adventure awaits you. How about safely landing an aircraft, cycling over the Grand Canyon in virtual reality two minutes later, and then almost immediately catching some Zzz’s on a real bed of nails?

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Cycle over the Grand Canyon in VR
Van de graaff 44
4+ | No reservation

Programme shows and demonstrations (NL)

What’s a visit without some live experiments? Some things you just have to see with your own eyes in order to believe them. 

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Reservation required

Workshops during the autumn break (NL)

Ready for a series of super fun workshops during the autumn break? You are more than welcome, but the number of places is limited. So don’t forget to sign up in advance.

Zeekracht 87

Sea Force

Will we soon be growing our food in an underwater farm? Or will we be plugging sea-going vessels into a mega-electricity socket? And will we be storing energy in gigantic bathtubs? In our brand-new Sea Force exhibition, we immerse ourselves in the sea and the harbour of tomorrow without feeling a single drop of water. 

Dive into the future

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We continue to monitor the air quality and provide alcohol gels so that you can disinfect your hands regularly.