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Birthday party for 5 to 12 year olds

Celebrate your birthday at the most exciting place in the country!

Is your birthday coming up? That is great news, because that means that you’re becoming one year smarter again. And where better to celebrate that than at Technopolis, in between exciting tests and spectacular experiments? Invite all your friends and classmates to join you! And as a supervisor, you will be actively involved and learn a lot!

Original and educational!

Celebrating your birthday party at Technopolis is always fun. Want to bet there are too many things to do, see and hear in order to try out all the tests and exhibits? There’s no other place where you and your friends can experience so many exciting adventures that are both fun and educational! You can walk around Technopolis freely and try out all the exhibits and tests yourselves.

As a supervisor, I will keep an eye on you, because this free journey of discovery is not led by a Technopolis employee.

What's included?

  • A warm welcome from a Technopolis edutainer
  • A crown on your head
  • A gift for the birthday girl or boy
  • A free exploratory journey through Technopolis (not supervised by a Technopolis employee)
  • Original invitations
  • An amazingly fun photo as a keepsake
  • A decorated party table at the restaurant
  • Free parking space

Your birthday meal is not included.

Don't forget to enjoy a delicious meal

  • Chocolate cake (with candles): € 4 per person
  • Pancakes: € 3,50 per person
  • Warm hot dog: € 3,50 per person
  • Currywurst with fries: € 3,50 per person
  • Chicken nuggets with fries: € 3,50 per person

Each party animal gets a free drink. You can pay for your meal at the restaurant.


For the birthday boy or girl the party and max. 2 accompanying adults the party is for free. For all other adults and partygoers the party costs € 15 (and € 8,50 for teachers). Guests with a Technopolis subscription get a € 2 discount.
For 5 to 12 year olds
Minimum of 10 friends, maximum of 20.
Wednesday afternoon or Saturday and Sunday, both in the morning and the afternoon. You can’t reserve a birthday party during school holidays. You can always continue your party until 5 p.m., regardless of the starting time.
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Reserve your birthday party online

You are having your birthday party at Technopolis? Great idea! Just rely on us for the most original and educational party every.