Ideal reception or dinner space
This multi-purpose space adjacent to the Foyer and the interactive exhibit space is ideal to organise a drink or a dinner in case of a nocturne. The Laan is the option of choice if you want another extension next to the Foyer.

Enter this room virtually

You can explore this with your finger, mouse or keyboard or — if you click the play button — automatically play a showcase video.

Via the menu and the floor plan you have an overview of the rooms and you can immediately switch to the desired location or room. In addition, you get a 3D or​“dollhouse” view of the entire room and you have access to an interactive floor plan.

Basic material (included)

  • 25 standing tables with covers
  • 100 chairs
  • 15 buffet tables with linen
Laan band

Surface area

Theatre style

Horseshoe form

School style




250 m²----100250