Exclusive evening opening

Technopolis exclusively for you and your guests
Our late-evening openings are always a success. Which makes sense, because for four hours (or longer) Technopolis belongs to you and your guests, and no one else. Colour your event with an exclusive evening opening. As it slowly grows dark outside, the light effect takes full effect. An original idea to pamper your customers or to give your staff some extra attention!
Night to Walk Again Technopolis 2022 2

Atmospheric and exclusive

Our evening openings are always a big hit. And that’s not surprising, because for four whole hours Technopolis is exclusively reserved for your guests.

An original idea if you want to treat your customers or staff to something special.

Plunge into science

Once all the visitors have gone home (after 5 pm), the party can start. After a nice snack and drink, our exhibitions are open to your guests alone.

Take advantage of our special rates and quantity discounts and take a refreshing plunge into science.