Since May 8, events with max. 50 people can take place outside.
Since June 9, events can also take place inside.
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Science show or demo

Treat your guests to amazing experiments
From € 200
What sets us apart from all other locations? Simple. When you come to us, even Einstein takes part in your event. He does so with our legendary science shows and demonstrations.
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Technopolis breathes science. And so will your event. Everything at Technopolis is inspired by science: the tablets you use up until the drinks you order. And our edutainer will treat your guests to some spectacular experiments and tests in our legendary science show!

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Science is most fun if you witness it in action. Symphonic wine glasses? Forks with a curious sense of balance? Ping pong balls with hidden powers? Our demonstrations are guaranteed to flabbergast your teams. Afterwards, they'll probably show off their own handy-dandy experiments at a party!

  • Price: € 200
  • Duration: max 1 hour
  • Location: Depending on the location of your catering


Our spaces are suitable for groups of 7 to 700 people. We can easily modify our programme to suit your needs.
To ensure availability, we ask to take an option 2 months before your event if you want to organise it during the weekend or the holidays. For regular working days, please respect a minimum of 1 month.

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