Improvisational theatre

Add a touch of unique entertainment to your event
How about a fun improvised theatre performance during your event? You can choose between Improbotics, a theatre performance with a chatbot in the lead role, and a wrap-up for your event that’s made up on the spot.
2020 02 19 Improbotics IMG 7933


Could a robot ever write a play, and what would it look like? The actors in this piece perform a live scientific experiment with the central question of whether machines can display human intelligence. In the lead role is a chatbot that sends lines to one of the actors via an earpiece. Who will expose the robot-controlled actor?

20 to 45 minutes
Dutch or English
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2020 02 19 Improbotics IMG 8004

Wrap up your event

End your event with a fun and original wrap-up. Improvisational actors will come up with a light-hearted end for your event, drawing on the most important happenings of the day for inspiration. A nice and completely unique conclusion to conferences and study days!

20 to 45 minutes
Dutch or English