Sea Force

Dive into the future
Will we soon be growing our food in an underwater farm? Or will we be plugging sea-going vessels into a mega-electricity socket? And will we be storing energy in gigantic bathtubs? In our Sea Force exhibition, we immerse ourselves in the sea and the harbour of tomorrow without feeling a single drop of water. Ready for an extraordinary day at sea in Mechelen? Buy your tickets today and set course for Technopolis!
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Discover oceans of opportunity…

Sea Force reveals the treasures of the sea and how we can best use these treasures in the future. We’re not talking about sunken chests of pirate gold, but about the wind, waves, marine life … The sea is an important source of sustainable food, renewable energy and – let’s not forget — an important transport route.

This looks promising for the future! Will we be saying goodbye to all fossil fuel ships soon? Or will we be storing energy in gigantic bathtubs? Dive into our exhibition and be amazed at what you will discover.

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… and take a leap into the deep

As powerful as the sea is, it is also as vulnerable. Our greatest challenge is to use the sea while disturbing it as little as possible. We need the sea and all its inhabitants to keep our blue planet in balance. Scientific research is indispensable for this.

How do you protect porpoises from underwater noise? Can oysters protect our coast against storms? Which animals are found around a windmill? How do you build an artificial reef? Take a deep dive into our sea and harbour and find out for yourself.

Go under without getting wet

Immerse yourself literally in the sea at Sea Force . Or almost literally… Don’t be alarmed to see fish swimming around and between your feet, following you everywhere you go. They don’t bite. The interactive projections on the floor and on the walls suggest changing imaginary worlds on the coast, at the bottom of the sea and in the harbour.

From offshore wind farms to bubble curtains and underwater farms: you’ve never seen the underwater world like this!

Journey to the harbour of the future

You don’t just immerse yourself in the sea, you also step aboard the future. What will the harbour look like in 2050? And how do we make that footprint on our blue planet as small as possible?

A huge interactive harbour table will help you shape the future. Move your hands across the table and get to know energy-neutral locks, the power of electricity and climate-friendly ships that do not depend on fossil fuels.

harbour future
energy storage sea

Be smart with energy

Using a set of interactive screens, Sea Force shows you everything you need to know about generating, storing, and using green energy. Would you like to build a windmill, and store the energy you generate in different ways? If you succeed, we challenge you to build a self-sufficient island.

Good to know

Included in your day ticket to Technopolis
For everyone who wants to discover their inner Jacques Cousteau. Children of all ages will be fascinated by our visual spectacle. Young people can discover the power of the sea in a playful way and might even get inspired to work in the maritime sector someday.
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Together we make the sea green

We can all contribute to our future. It is in everyone’s interest (that includes you!) to understand the opportunities and challenges of the sea and the harbour. Only when we’re all on the same page, can we move full speed ahead towards a sustainable future.

Technopolis could proudly call itself SDG Voice in 2021. This means that we served as a speaker for a series of objectives that deal with our living environment in a more sustainable way. Sea Force promotes lifelong learning (goal 4) and shows:

  • the importance of reliable and sustainable energy (Goal 7)
  • why action against climate change is necessary (Goal 13) and
  • how to use the sea in a sustainable way with respect for aquatic life (Goal 14).

We don’t do this alone. There are many figureheads in research and innovation in Flanders that help us out (target 17)!

bottom of the sea

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