Extra support

We like to lend a helping hand!
We can lend an extra helping hand to turn your event into an event that will be talked about for a long time. If you need waiters, parking attendants, host(s) or speakers, just let us know and we’ll make sure they’re on standby. Do you already know that you and your guests will want to look back at the event afterwards? Let us know and we’ll have the aftermovie ready for you.
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The price for service depends on the chosen catering deal (s) — you will discover the possibilities further on — and the number of waiters, but also on the duration of the event and the number of guests. You can hire the waiters with a minimum of four hours.

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Parking attendants

You can hire parking attendants with a minimum of four hours.

Hosts and hostesses

Looking for helping hands for welcoming your guests or distributing badges? Or would you like to have the cloakroom guarded? You can hire hosts and hostesses with a minimum of four hours. 

technical support

Technical assistance

We can also offer technical support.

Good to know

All support staff are by default called in half an hour before the start and half an hour after the start of the event for briefing, set-up and clearing. Only support staff from Technopolis’ regular supplier will be admitted.

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Have you had enough of slick speakers? Do you want more than a story about leadership or digital transformation? Boost your event with an authentic, inspiring speaker from the Happonomy speakers’ network. They will bring you fascinating, atypically surprising as well as vulnerable stories. Social, technological and always value driven.

About the speakers' network


Aftermovies are the showpiece of major music festivals, but your event will also benefit from a compelling atmospheric report. Your event will be summarized in a few minutes and can be used in various ways and for various purposes.

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Any special requests? Let us know!

We understand that every event is different, so it is perfectly possible that you may have other requests. Let us know how we can help you and together we will look for the ideal solution tailored to your event!