Hybrid or 100% online?

It’s up to you
Events are no longer what they once were. And that’s a good thing! While you used to be able to choose between an event in real life and … an event in real life, you can now opt for a hybrid event or – why not – go entirely online.

For all your hybrid and online events we like to top things off with HYBR, a unique event platform which we developed together with Mindgate Leuven, Toerisme Vlaanderen and Artcore Society. The result? A fabulous Flemish product that takes your event to the next level.
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HYBR, the platform for your hybrid and online events

Connecting and sharing

The essence of participating in an event is that you experience something together with other people. In order to bring a similar experience to HYBR, much attention was devoted in development to interaction in the world of gaming and on social media.

A full experience

Unlike many other digital platforms, HYBR is not a concoction of different existing tools. HYBR offers a full experience to participants, speakers, partners and sponsors alike, and you’ll certainly see it.

Wider scope and longer enjoyment

At a traditional event you only receive the number of guests that suit the size of your room. And when the doors close at the end, the fun is over. But with hybrid or online? Then you can reach more (future) clients, partners… than in the largest exhibition hall. Not only that, all presentations, online workshops, vlogs and all the rest stay online for a while afterwards. So everyone can enjoy them for longer.

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What can HYBR do for you?

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Your brand, your style

We design HYBR in a look that is entirely in line with the brand guidelines provided. That means your guests know immediately that they’re in the right place.


Handy on every device

HYBR is always easily accessible, regardless of whether you are using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone (either iOS or Android).

Speedy and safe registration

All participants can register rapidly, purchase their ticket in a perfectly secure payment environment and sign up separately for activities.

Virtual guided tour

As soon as your participants arrive on HYBR, they will be given a brief tour, in order to discover all functionalities.

Tailored activities

Not everyone has the same interests. So it’s just as well that participants can indicate which content and activities they’d like to see first.

Analysis tool

How many visitors are/​were at your event? Thanks to the analysis tool, the details of all invited guests can be exported to an Excel or csv file in just the click of a button.


Chat via circles

A unique aspect are the​“circles” or conversation circles. Similar to a chat group, these allow participants to chat to other members with whom they share ideas or expertise.

(Mobile) recording studio

In our recording studio your speakers are surrounded by a professional crew and high-tech apparatus. This is where they record their speech, presentation or demo and stream them — live or later on — to all your guests.

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Integrated speaker’s platform

Speakers can speak easily and without technical hitches thanks to the integrated speaker’s platform.