Live, hybrid or online?

Your event always goes on!
Are you planning an event soon? Send out those invitations, because we guarantee that your event can go ahead. Even in these uncertain times, Technopolis has everything you need to make your event 100% corona-proof. We go for a live, hybrid or online solution. Including everything!
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Technopolis will plan your event and monitor it closely. Can it take place in real life or do we turn it into an e‑event? Or do we prefer a combination: partly online and partly live? 

Thanks to our quickly responding event team, everything is possible. So, don’t worry: there is no question of cancelling.

Event 2.0: always in the calendar

Package 1: a live event

We’ll open up the doors of one of our 12 event halls for you. With their different dimensions, they are always suitable for small and large events and meetings, while always keeping a 1.5.-metre distance.

Our team is ready to receive you safely. We offer spacious rooms, smart design and signage, strict hygiene and protection measures, and even adapted catering packages. In other words: a complete package for a carefree event for you and your guests.

For each event, small or large, we perform an event check according to the Covid Event Risk Model.

Package 2: a hybrid event

If the guest list is too extensive to ensure social distancing, we will organise a hybrid event, which takes place both live and online. The host and speakers will be located in our professional recording studio, a safe 1.5‑metre setting, from where we stream everything live.

We either receive all your guests and divide them over several event halls, which can be connected to each other virtually and where we guarantee a flawless broadcast with modern audio-visual techniques. Or we receive some of your guests on the spot
and a larger group will follow the event from home, where they are fully involved in the event via an interactive chat.

Package 3: an online event

If a physical meeting is completely impossible due to stricter measures, Technopolis will pull out all its technological and audio-visual know-how for an online event.

Your speakers will sit down in a homely setting of our recording studio, where they will be surrounded by a professional crew and state-of-the-art equipment. They record their speech, presentation or demo and stream it — live or deferred — to as many guests as possible who can follow everything perfectly from home.

Technopolis has proven that it is ready to organise online events. On 29 and 30 October 2020, we facilitated Ecsite’s first online Directors Forum and on 22 November 2020, we coordinated the first Digital Science Day.

We guarantee that your event can take place!

By ensuring that your guests can be physically as well as digitally present, we can respond very flexibly to any changes. As a result, your event can always take place, in any format. We have developed a whole spectrum of events, from fully live to fully digital and everything in between. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities together!