Company rally

Take part in this exciting competition in our exhibition space!
Do you have your pen, a piece of paper and chronometer? Get ready, because the clock is ticking! We will send you out in small groups in the Technopolis exhibition space. Our rally offers a perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and learn something about science at the same time! You won’t find a more original e‑rally at a more unique location! Ask now for a free quote for our e‑rally.
20220217 Technopolis PUUR 49

You will only accept this challenge at Technopolis!

Our e‑rally for companies is an exciting competition full of original challenges and experiments that you can only carry out in the Technopolis exhibition space. 

How fast are you? Is there an athlete hiding in you? Or are you just exceptionally resourceful? You will undoubtedly find out during our unique teambuilding. You don’t need any prior knowledge, only common sense and the urge to experiment!

The ideal setting for team building

You will find a mix of set-ups at Technopolis that allow you to experience how science and technology are part of everyday life. 

New discoveries and challenges are waiting for you in every corner. This makes our exhibition space the perfect setting for team building. Solutions will not just present themselves: trying and doing it yourself is our message!


2 hours
15 to 80 participants
At the Technopolis exhibition space. If you want this space all to yourself and your guests, this will be possible from 5 p.m. onwards. Ask for our rates and possibilities.