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In every corner of the Technopolis a crazy experiment awaits you. How about safely landing an aircraft, riding a bike on a cable two minutes later, and then almost immediately catching some Zzz’s on a real bed of nails? There is only one place where you can do all of that in a single day …
exhibition airplane

Land an airplane

Take a test flight to your favourite holiday destination or pretend to be a real stunt pilot… with our high-tech flight simulator!

201612 shoot Nia 17

Lift up a car

No, you don’t need a powerhouse to lift up a car! At least, not in Technopolis… With the help of a mega level you can lift our car of the ground.

Mendelejev game s 35 900 x 600

Play our Mendeleev game!

Everything and anything around you consists of tiny building blocks, also known as elements. Do you find it hard to imagine something that you can’t even see with the naked eye? Then try out our Mendeleyev game! Get ready for an interactive game in space where your responsiveness is tested to collect the rarest elements of the universe.

How about a nap on a bed of nails

A little tired from all those experiments? Then how about a lie down on our comfortable… Bed of nails. We promise that you won’t be covered in holes afterwards…

Sporttentoonstelling 128

Stand in a bubble!

You can always blow bubbles just about anywhere! Yet, we bet you’ve never made a bubble as big as big as you. Plus, have you ever stood in a bubble before?

bike on a cable girl

Ride a bike on a cable

Do you dare to ride a bike on a 5 meter high cable spun across our exhibition area without breaking a sweat? Then grab our bike and discover why our bicycle does not get out of balance so easily.

For this set-up your inner leg length should be at least 70cm.


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