What’s happening to the Children’s Science Centre?

The time has almost come… In September, we’ll be closing our popular Children’s Science Centre and making space for an entirely new experience. Curious about our plans?
Kinder doe centrum 36

Step by step

In September, we will start removing all the exhibits and décor piece by piece – which means no more child-sized supermarket, garage, pizzeria or construction site. Say goodbye to the Children’s Science Centre as you’ve always known it, because something new is on the way.

Towards a new adventure

From the Christmas holidays onwards, we’ll be encouraging your little ones to go explore the folds and crevices of their own brains. How do you make invisible things visible? How can you build on Pluto? What are farts and where do they come from? You’ll soon be able to find answers to the craziest questions here.

filling up a jeep

Come again soon!

Fancy one last go at laying roof tiles, baking pizzas, running a supermarket and filling up a jeep? Hurry up! After 1 September, we will be closing the doors and starting construction work.

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