Mask requirement and Covid Safe Ticket

Face masks are mandatory for visitors 6 years and older everywhere in Technopolis. In our Science Garden and our temporary outdoor Insectopia exhibition face masks are recommended. To visit our restaurant and to attend our shows, everyone from 16 years old needs a Covid Safe Ticket (on paper or via the app). This will be checked at the entrance of our restaurant and auditorium together with your identity card. Have a look at all measures.

Buy your tickets online

This is the only way to be sure there are still tickets left on the day of your arrival.

Buy your tickets

Planning to visit Technopolis and/​or our outdoor exhibition Insectopia? Great idea! Make sure to buy your day tickets online. This is the only way you can be sure that there will be room on the day you visit.
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  • No matter when you arrive, you can stay until closing time.
  • When dates are gray, this either means that Technopolis is closed or that all tickets have been sold out.

A couple of things you need to know

Online is cheaper

We advise you to buy your day tickets for Technopolis online. Online tickets are not only € 1 cheaper than at the cash register; you will also avoid standing in line.

You can be sure there will still be room

When you buy your tickets online, you can be sure that there will still be room on the day you visit us. We also advise our subscribers to order their tickets online (free of charge, of course).

Combo tickets are exclusively available online

Our discounted combo tickets to visit Technopolis and Insectopia on one day are only available online. As a subscriber you cannot reserve a discounted combo ticket. You also don’t need to since you can come for free.

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Access to Technopolis and/or Insectopia

A ticket to Technopolis does not give you access to Insectopia just like a ticket for Insectopia does not give you access to Technopolis. A combi-ticket will allow you to visit both.

Reserve your spot as a subscriber

If you only visit Technopolis, you don’t have to reserve a ticket online. If you’re (also) visiting Insectopia, it’s best to reserve a free ticket online. That way you can be sure there will be enough room. Subscribers cannot book combo tickets.

Hour of arrival

Indicate in the ticket module when you’ll be visiting. This enables us to monitor the number of visitors permitted per time block. Your tickets are only valid on the day you indicated.

Activities from 10 to 29 January 2022


Step by step, we are replacing experiments in our main exhibition with brand new ones. As a result, two small areas on the ground floor (on the right where you enter) and a small area on our ground floor are temporarily closed. We will do our best to avoid any inconvenience.

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Frequently asked questions

A voucher can be recognised by its unique code and can be exchanged for a free ticket to visit Technopolis. It cannot be exchanged for a visit to Insectopia or a combination visit.

Suppose you have 2 vouchers. First select tickets for the visitors: e.g. 1 ticket 12 – 13 years old and 1 ticket 65+. Just before payment you can enter the number on each voucher in the field​“discount code”. Your vouchers are then converted into free tickets and you don’t have to pay.

For a visit to Technopolis yes, but not for Insectopia or a combination visit.

Contact us or the partner to obtain a discount code. If not everyone has a valid subscription, you will have to place the order twice and pay twice (once for the tickets with the discount code and once for the tickets at normal fare).Your subscription from the partner organisation will be requested for verification so be sure to bring it with you.

For a visit to Technopolis yes, but not for Insectopia or a combination visit. Find out which ones you can use for Technopolis.

Yes, you can. You can indicate your arrival at Technopolis in the ticket module. When exactly during your visit you want to go to our outdoor exhibition Insectopia, is up to you, as long as you visit Technopolis and Insectopia on the same day.

You currently cannot trade it in online. If you have a gift card that you would like to use to visit Technopolis, send an email to info@​technopolis.​be with the date you wish to come and for how many people you wish to book. You will get a response the next working day. You cannot trade in the gift card for a visit to Insectopia or a combined visit.

We constructed an unpaved walking path to make sure the fauna and flora in our forest is not disturbed too much. Unfortunately, this makes the grounds less accessible for wheelchairs or buggies. Send a request to info@​technopolis.​beif you need a wheelchair that is suitable for the forest.


For more information on payment options, discounts…, please consult our rates page.

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Do you want to give someone an original gift? Buy 1 or more vouchers of 25 euros online now. The amount can be spent at the cash desk (on entrance tickets) or in the Technopolis shop.

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