Update 29/10/2020 — Technopolis including Dinopolis are temporarily closed.
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Buy your tickets for a day at Technopolis

Let us know when you drop by!
To visit Technopolis, you first need to buy a ticket online and/or let us know when you will be visiting.

Buy tickets by date

Indicate in the ticket module when you’ll be visiting. This enables us to monitor the number of visitors permitted per day and per time block. Your tickets are only valid on the day you indicated.

Do you have a subscription or a free ticket?

Indicate the number of people with a subscription or free ticket in the module. All you have to then do is indicate when you’ll be visiting.

Do you have one or more vouchers?

You can recognise a voucher by its unique code and exchange it for a free ticket.

Suppose you have 2 vouchers. First select tickets for the visitors: e.g. 1 ticket 12-13 years old and 1 ticket 65+. Just before payment you can enter the number on each voucher in the field "discount code". Your vouchers are then converted into free tickets and you don’t have to pay.

Do you (also) want to go to Dinopolis?

A day ticket for Technopolis does not give you access to our temporary Dinopolis exhibition. You will need a separate ticket that you can buy via this ticket module. If you have a subscription for Technopolis, you do not have to pay extra, but you still have to indicate when you’re coming.

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Subscription from a partner

Contact us or the partner to obtain a discount code. If not everyone has a valid subscription, you will have to place the order twice and pay twice (once for the tickets with the discount code and once for the tickets at normal fare).

Your subscription from the partner organisation will be requested for verification so be sure to bring it with you.

Reserve your spot for our activities

Make sure you reserve your spot for our activities (shows, workshops, demos) in advance using the reservation module. Take a look at the day programme to find out what will take place when and if you need a reservation.

You can only indicate one activity at a time. Go through all the steps again to reserve another activity.


For more information on payment options, discounts..., please consult our rates page.