4+ | No reservation

Programme shows and demonstrations (NL)

Included in the price of your day ticket
At Technopolis, you will experience some hair-raising demos (literally!) and a spectacular show that will blow you away! Check out our programme to see which shows and demonstrations are planned.
show nature experiment
From Saturday 1 until Sunday 16 April 2023
10.3010.45 amDemo Kettingreactie
11.0011.30 amShow Een half uur natuur
11.1511.30 amDemo Van de Graaff of De wolkenmaker
12.451.15 pmShow Een half uur natuur
1.151.30 pmDemo Kettingreactie
2.002.30 pmShow Een half uur natuur
2.453.00 pmDemo Van de Graaff of De wolkenmaker
3.153.45 pmShow Een half uur natuur
3.303.45 pmDemo Kettingreactie
4.154.45 pmShow Een half uur natuur
5.005.15 pmDemo Van de Graaff of De wolkenmaker
5.305.45 pmGroot slotexperiment

Programme subject to change

We do our best to guarantee the programme for the day, but very occasionally it may change. Except on school days, you will always be given the final programme at the counter.

show nature giant flower
4+ | Limited wheelchair access

Show Een half uur natuur (NL)

Discover the science behind all kinds of special natural phenomena. During the show we will explore the plant and animal kingdom. Will you join us?

During the Easter holiday: up to 5 times a day. On weekends: up to 2 times a day

Demo Kettingreactie (NL)

Witness an astonishing chain reaction.

3 to 4 times a day
giant chain reaction audience
Van de Graaff haren rechtop 3

Demo Van de Graaff (NL)

We will make your hand stand on end using… electricity!

Two to four times a day

Humidity level too high?

Our Van De Graaff generator is incredibly good at generating static electricity, but unfortunately not under all conditions. When the humidity level is too high, the static electricity flows away through the water droplets in the air.

If this happens, we will treat you to the demonstration De wolkenmaker’.

On schooldays

On schooldays, we mainly receive students. On these days all expos and zones are open and you get to witness amazing science demonstrations at regular intervals. However you cannot attend any shows.

Arrive in time for our shows

There’s room for 150 visitors in our auditorium, but unfortunately that’s not enough on very busy days. We do our best to present our shows as many times as possible.

Quiet moments

If you want to visit when it’s quiet, consider visiting on a Wednesday or during weekends when the weather is nice. It is also usually very quiet on school days from 3 to 5 p.m. (closing time).