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Take a piece of Technopolis home with you!
Like to enjoy your Technopolis day at home as well? Then drop by in our shop! You'll find a wide range of scientific books, kits, brainteasers, fun gadgets and toys. All articles encourage you in a fun way to continue experimenting with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) after your visit.

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Numerous new chemistry gadgets in our shop!

Communion party, birthday, Valentine... coming up? Or do you just want to treat yourself to a nice gadget? You can never go wrong with a nice chemistry gadget! If you like these articles, just pop into our shop and discover the full range! Did you know that you don't have to buy a day ticket to come and shop?

Chemiegadget thermos


Keep your tea or coffee nice and warm with this thermos! And the table of Mendeleyev is displayed on the article, isn’t that fun? You can use it during your chemistry exam!

€ 17,50

Chemiegadget brillendoos2

Glasses case

Who says a glasses case shouldn't stand out? And this one is a real eye-catcher!

€ 8

Chemiegadget notitieboek


No, you are not allowed to judge a book by its cover, but make an exception for this notebook with the table of Mendeleev!

€ 4,50

Chemiegadget meeneemkoffiemok

Portable coffee cup

Treat yourself to a portable coffee cup that you can use again and again. And with the elements displayed, this one is feast for the eyes: an excellent choice for the year of chemistry!

€ 14,50

Chemiegadget potloden

Pencils in chemistry box

These pencils are in their element in their box! The box itself is worth the purchase...

€ 4,50

Chemiegadget USB oplader

Portable USB-charger

With this USB charger you don't just charge your phone or camera! One look at this Mendeleyev charger and you feel fully charged again...

€ 14,50

Periodic table building blockx

Building blocks

This nice set with 121 wooden vintage blocks is just what you needed! Reproduce Mendeliev's table or use it as decoration.

€ 68



The Molymod MMS-009 Student Set makes chemistry child's play! The box contains 52 coloured atoms. It's up to you to connect them!

€ 27,50

Makey Makey

Makey Makey

With the Makey Makey you can turn everyday things (like bananas!) into a touchpad.

€ 45


Newton pendulum

Indispensable at the desk or workshop of every Newton fan! Not only does the Newton pendulum give you food for thought about Newton's third law, it would also brighten up your interior. Right?!

€ 12

201808 Techn 384 trooper bot2

Trooper bot (from 5 years old)

Never say toy robot to this big Trooper Bot! You can programme the bot to perform up to 50 different actions, he can also shoot rockets and even dance a bit!

€ 70

201808 Techn 394 infrarood UFO

Infrared UFO with remote control (from 8 years old)

Have you always wanted to operate a UFO yourself? Make your dreams come true and buy one from our shop and control it remotely!

€ 15


Plasma orb

No worries! If you touch the plasma orb, you really don't get a load of electricity through your body. But apart from that.... You could fool your friends!

€ 32,50 (large) - € 16,50 (small)

201808 Techn 392 Liquid hand boilerv2

Liquid hand boiler

What happens to gases when you heat them? Hold the "tube" in your hand and see with your own eyes what the law of Charles means. You have to see for yourself and do it to believe it!

€ 10

201808 Techn 390 maze breaker

Maze breaker (from 3 years old)

This little rascal gets out of any maze! Even better: if you put several maze breakers in one maze, they work together...

€ 27


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