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Main exhibition

Can you draw with light?’, How do you cycle with square wheels?’, How do you race against a cheetah?’ and Can you stand in a soap bubble?’ etc.

Are your kids asking non-stop questions? Then come to Technopolis, where everything starts to make sense! They’ll find that science provides the answer every time, especially in our redesigned main exhibition.

Drop by soon and start exploring together!
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Envie d’en apprendre plus ?

From physics to chemistry, biology, geography, mathematics, space, engineering and technology, we bring a huge range of phenomena to life.

Some of our top recommendations:

iron filings dance


Watch iron filings dance, make a ball float or get an electric motor going all by yourself.

In the air

Make mirrors dance with a drum, send a hot air balloon up into the air or take off in our vacuum cleaner chair.

vacuum cleaner chair

Light and darkness

Watch a quartz rod disappear before your eyes and play with lenses. Or better still, discover why our ice crystals are so colourful and write a secret message on our phosphorescent wall.

play with lenses

On your own or together?

What does a duet on our tube piano sound like? Or do you fancy some music-sampling with a friend? And do you reckon that two or three of you together will be able to guide the laser even faster through our laser maze?

In just a few steps everything starts to make sense

A simple push of a button, a turn of a wheel, a sprint or a dance… Your youngsters won’t need a page of instructions before they can enjoy our new interactive exhibits. Before you’ve had time to think What’s this?’, you’ll already be shouting WOW!’. The results never fail to surprise, and stay in the memory for a long time.

After all, what better way than a ride on a square-wheeled bike to understand what an inverted catenary is? We bet you’ll never forget the Coandă effect after you’ve got the ball into the goal with our blower!

Coandabal 3

Experience a mixture of old and new favourites

What would Technopolis be without a bike on a cable, a bed of nails or a flight simulator? Our classics can still be found in our redesigned main exhibition.

We’re also pretty sure that everyone will soon be talking about our tornado, our vacuum cleaner chair, our square-wheeled bike and our Maxwell’s wheel that takes you straight up into the air!

Maxwell's wheel

For everyone aged 8 years or over

It doesn’t matter how much or how little science you already know. All children, young people and even adults with an insatiable curiosity and a head full of questions will feel completely at home in our redesigned main exhibition.

There’s no need to worry about encountering difficult words or tricky technical terms. In Technopolis, your curious rascals will find answers that make sense to all their questions. (Even the craziest ones!)


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