A classic exhibition about technology? Or not?
One thing is certain: in this brand-new exhibition you have to try everything out for yourself. Come to Technopolis and learn about a whole range of technologies the fun way.

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ON OFF 3 4 v3

Smarter than smart

How smart is AI? Find out as you play a special game of Pictionary or as you suddenly see yourself appear in a painting by a famous artist. 

ONOFF VR canyonride virtual reality

Virtual adventures

Set off on an adventure in the virtual world… If you dare! Put on VR glasses and cycle a cable over a deep ravine or fly a paraglider through the mountains.

Invisibility cloak Harry Potter

Movie magic

Hide behind our invisibility cloak just like Harry Potter, change shape in front of an avatar mirror or direct your own stop motion video.

Game on!

No technology, no games! Play air hockey together from a wheelchair or test our eye tracking game, in which you don’t use a mouse or a joystick, but… your eyes.

Augmented reality chasing pink monsters

More than reality

Dive into the world of augmented reality. Make the digital monsters on our climbing wall disappear or send a digital ball into the goal in our sandbox.

Fantasy or reality?

Face to face with our Felix, you may forget that it’s a robot imitating all your funny faces. Just as our hologram is so real that you want to touch it.

In ON/OFF nothing is what it seems. Discover the limitless possibilities of technology the fun way.

ON OFF Felix the robot

Where else do you come across this?

From eye tracking games to voice changers and music tables with blocks. They seem like something straight out of a science fiction movie.

Yet the technologies in ON/OFF are also used in daily life. Scan the QR code at the exhibits and find out more. All information is available in English, Dutch and French.

Music table

For young and old alike

ON/OFF is recommended for children of eight years and above, because children can understand all the explanations from that age. Younger children are just as welcome, of course. We recommend the exhibition to schools from the third year onwards.

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All information is available in Dutch, English and French.