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A day at Technopolis is a dream class trip for teachers. See here what a class visit to Technopolis will cost.


€ 7.20 per student for entrance to the Children's Science Centre (2nd year of kindergarten to 2nd year of primary school).

Free entrance for:

  • 2 teachers for every 15 students
  • Teachers with a valid teachers card on the day of the class visit

You have already booked a class visit and you wish to come to Technopolis in order to prepare it? Send an e-mail in advance to

Teachers visiting Technopolis without their class: € 9 (50% discount!), provided you can show us

  • a valid teachers card (if you teach in Belgium)
  • a recent pay cheque or document signed by the principal of your school (if you teach abroad)
  • for teachers only


Picnic area: € 1.90 per child/teacher (drink and piece of fruit included). Teachers can choose from a drink, a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee.

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Class visits for pre-schoolers

We are open all days of the week, but in order to offer your pre-schoolers the best care possible, Technopolis visits for pre-schoolers are only possible on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Technopolis isn't just something you must see, but something you should... experience! Take your class on a trip to Technopolis and quickly and easily book your visit online!