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How much will a class trip with your preschoolers cost and what is included?
We have worked this out for you. Simple admission costs €9.90 (or €10 when you visit us after 1 September 2024), but for a few extra euros you can book our picknick area.

Check out all our price packages here.
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Children’s Science Centre: last chance!

From September to December 2024, we’ll be giving the Children’s Science Centre a complete makeover. That’s good news, but unfortunately it also means your preschoolers will temporarily be unable to visit. 

From January 2025, we look forward to welcoming your little ones back with open arms.

Basic package

11.90* per preschooler

* As of 1 September 2024 the admission will cost €10. This means the basic package will amount to €12.

Always included

  • A warm welcome and a word of explanation
  • Storage room for belongings
  • Free admission for two teachers per 15 preschoolers and for teachers with a valid teacher card (when accompanying a class)
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Get ready for your class trip

Do you have any questions? You’ll find everything you need to know about your preschool class visit here.

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Visiting days schools

Depending on the extras that you book, it is best to allow at least four hours for your class visit. We have separate visiting days per age group.

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Teacher without a class?

Teachers with a valid teacher card who visit on their own or with friends or family receive a 50% discount on the individual ticket price for visitors. (Only for teachers working in Belgium.)

Have you already booked a class visit and would you like to come and prepare for the visit? Send an email in advance to info@​technopolis.​be.