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Hungry from all those experiments?
Are you hungry? Then you should go to our self-service restaurant ‘Megabyte’ for a quick bite to eat or even for a whole menu. There is plenty of choice! You can get pasta dishes, cold as well as warm dishes (until 3 p.m.). Are you coming with an entire group? Then you can order your meals in advance and benefit from a 5% discount!

Is all this talk of food starting to make your mouth water?

We do our best to try and make our menu as varied as possible. There are also vegetarian options available. For practical reasons we cannot guarantee that all dishes are always available.


Fresh soup (from € 4)

Belegde broodjes

Sandwiches made with love (from € 3)


(Heart)warm(ing) meals (from € 8)


Super fresh salads (from € 9.50)

Hot dog

Tasty snacks (from € 2)


Irresistible desserts (from € 1.40)

You can’t eat gluten?

If you want we can also make a gluten-free sandwich for you. Since the demand for this varies, we do not prepare them in advance. That’s why the waiting period is around 30 minutes. Does that sound a bit too long? If you let the registration deskknow at the start of your visit that you want a gluten-free sandwich, we can prepare it for you in advance and then you don't have to wait so long!

Are you coming with a group?

Order your meals in advance and save 5%

Are you coming with a group of a minimum of 15 people? Then ask for our menu and order your meals at least 5 working days in advance. That way you can save 5%! Are you coming with a group during the school holidays? Then you can only order cold meals.

Group visit?

You'll see: we like to take care of our groups. That’s also why it’s best to reserve your group visit in advance so that you can enjoy a nice group discount.


If you prefer, you can bring your own lunch.

Groups of at least 15 people can reserve a picnic space for € 1.70 per person (a drink and a piece of fruit included). This way you are sure there is enough space for the entire group and that you can all sit together.

On school days between 11:30 am and 5 p.m. and on other days between 10.30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hot meals are always available until 3 p.m.

Buy your tickets cheaper online

Online you pay € 1 less per ticket. Moreover, you can walk past the queue at the checkout and give yourself more time to experiment!