We are building the future at Technopolis. You can take that quite literally at the moment. Since 2019, we have been renewing the offerings in our exhibition areas step by step. Discover quickly how.
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Works starting September 2022

New experiments are still to come!

Step by step we are renewing our entire main exhibition. Isn’t that exciting? That also means that parts will be closed off here and there. Curious? Don’t be shy and peek through the canvases during your visit.

What is new and what is still to come?

If you’ve visited Technopolis recently, you will undoubtedly have noticed STEK, our brand-new zone for young creators, and Sea Force. In the meantime, we have already reached phase 4, in which we are gradually renewing our main exhibition. All these works are part of a very ambitious plan to make Technopolis future-proof.

1. STEK (since 2019) ✅

In 2019, we set up a special area for young people aged between 14 and 18 where (under normal circumstances) we regularly organize workshops. Since March 2020 there is also a gigantic Tower (yes, with capital T) where young makers can exchange thoughts and where (amongst many other things) talks are organised.

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2. Sea Force (since July 1st 2021) ✅

Science and technology are the key to a sustainable future. In Sea Force, a brand-new digital zone we show what that future might look like for seas and ports. Thanks to remarkable use of technology, you can take a deep-dive into water, as it were. Without getting wet, you can build a windmill, discover fish species with a drone and place artificial reefs.

Dive into the future

With the support of

3. Pure: phase 1 (since winter 2021) ✅

Pure science! That’s what we offer you in our revamped main exhibition. Think of it as an ode to a whole series of basic scientific principles. Our new experiments are classics that cannot be ignored at Technopolis.

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4. Pure: phase 2 (as of September 2022)

At this stage, we are adding even more classics to our main exhibition. A large part of the new exhibits is already in place. The rest will be installed from September 2022 onwards.

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5. Children’s Science Centre: phase 1 

Our science paradise for the very young is in for a thorough renovation and expansion! First, we add a ground floor to the Children’s Science Centre.

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6. Children’s Science Centre: phase 2

Our popular Water Zone, which stood in the main exhibition space, will move to the Children’s Science Centre.

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7. Children’s Science Centre: phase 3

After we’ve added an entire ground floor to the Children’s Science Centre, we’ll tackle the first floor and renovate it top to bottom. When we’re done, this zone targeted at 4- to 8‑years old will look brand new.

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It just gets better and better!

Over the next few years, you’re going to see a lot of change at Technopolis. Don’t worry; it’ll all get (even) better. But, before that happens, you’ll come across a closed sign or a fence here and there. We admit that’s not always nice. But change is needed to move forward.

Because not only the exhibition space is undergoing significant changes. We also have a lot of infrastructural changes planned.

Infrastructure improvements

Here are a number of works, in random order:

  • Refurbishment of the reception and shop (adapted flow)
  • Renewal of the Workshop and the Lab
  • Renovation of the restaurant, the coffee corner and the picnic area
  • A shelter at the entrance
  • New signposts

And the price tag?

The Flemish Government grants us a one-off investment of €10 million to completely renew Technopolis and to make it future-proof. As of the end of this year, you will already reap the benefits of this investment. That’s a promise!

This project can be realized thanks to the support of the Science Communication Policy of the Flemish Government.

We are in the midst of a significant change where we want to evolve into a place where children can experience the future, discover their talents and (more than ever) become fascinated with science and technology.The last two years, we have been working very hard to support this growth and, together with all stakeholders (companies, educational partners, government) we have written a plan to achieve our ambition.”

Stephane Berghmans, CEO Technopolis

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