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A day at Technopolis is a dream class trip for teachers. See here what a class visit to Technopolis will cost.


€ 7,20 per pupil for a day ticket with access to:

Free entrance for:

  • 2 teachers for every 15 pupils (1st to 2nd year)
  • 1 teacher for every 15 pupils (3rd to 6th year)
  • Teachers with a valid teachers card on the day of the class visit

You have already booked a class visit and you wish to come to Technopolis in order to prepare it? Send an e-mail in advance to info@technopolis.be.

Teachers visiting Technopolis without their class: € 9 (50% discount!):

  • provided you can show us a valid teachers card (if you teach in Belgium) or a recent pay cheque or document signed by the principal of your school (if you teach abroad)
  • for teachers only


  • Picnic area: € 1,90 per pupil/teacher (drink and piece of fruit included). Teachers can choose between a drink, a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee.
  • E-rally: € 2 per pupil
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Visits primary schools

We are open all days of the week, but in order to offer your students the best care possible, Technopolis visits for primary school students are only possible on Thursdays and Fridays.

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Technopolis isn't just something you must see, but something you should... experience! Take your class on a trip to Technopolis and quickly and easily book your visit online!