Children’s Science Centre: last chance!

From September to December 2024, we’ll be giving the Children’s Science Centre a complete makeover. How will that affect your pupils?

  • During this period, preschoolers and 1st year pupils unfortunately won’t be able to come on class visits.
  • Pupils from the 2nd year and upwards can come and experiment in our main exhibition, ON/OFF and the Science Garden from September 2024.

This school year, for the time being, we continue to welcome all first- and second-year pupils at the Children’s Science Centre.


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Technopolis brings science and technology closer to your students. Discover the science and technology behind everyday and trusted things, right alongside them. Technopolis is something you just have to see… and do! So come to Technopolis with your class and experience science first hand! Read everything about your perfect class trip here.
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Rates primary

Simple admission costs €9.90 (or €10 if you visit us after 1 September 2024), but for a few extra euros you can use our picnic area or treat your pupils to an e‑rally.

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Your students can eat their own packed lunch in our picnic areas, provided that you book these in advance. 

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Visiting days

Visits for primary school students are possible on Mondays (2nd and 3rd level), Thursdays and Fridays.

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ON OFF Fleur 49
Primary (from Level 2) & Secondary


A typical exhibition about technology? Or perhaps not? One thing is certain: in this brand-new exhibition you have to try everything out for yourself. Come to Technopolis and learn about a whole range of technologies the fun way.

Always included
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Primary (from Level 2) & Secondary

Main exhibition

Your students can never ask too many questions here, or questions that are too silly. They’ll find that science provides the answer every time, especially in our redesigned main exhibition – simply and in just a few steps, because at Technopolis everything starts to make sense.

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Kinder doe centrum eekhoorn
2nd year kindergarten - 2nd year primary

Children's Science Centre

The Children’s Science Centre opens a world made for children: your little ones will go on a journey of discovery through the City, the Park and the Worksite and they also get to learn about the Human Body.

From September to December 2024, the Children’s Science Centre will be closed while it gets a complete makeover.
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Primary & secondary

Science Garden

Head outside and fill your lungs with some refreshing science in our Science Garden! Set a 5‑ton rock in motion with your little finger, walk on a living bridge (if you dare) and follow the tracks of the most dangerous animal in the world.

Always included
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From the 4th year primary


A nice route along fifteen interactive exhibits.

Included in Discovery package
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