Update 22 February 2021 — We do not welcome school groups before the Easter holidays. Would you like to plan a class visit already? Contact us and we will see what is possible.
About our safety measures

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Technopolis brings science and technology closer to your students. Discover the science and technology behind everyday and trusted things, right alongside them. Technopolis is something you just have to see... and do! So come to Technopolis with your class and experience science first hand! Read everything about your perfect class trip here.

Visits secondary school students

We are open all days of the week, but in order to offer your students the best care possible, Technopolis visits for secondary school students are only possible on Mondays and Tuesdays.

4 hours of fun and experiments

Your class visit probably means at least 4 hours of fun and experiments. You don’t have to do everything during this one visit. If your time is up, but there are still experiments you want to do, you and your class can always come back another time.

And in Technopolis, you will never do the same thing twice: we continuously renew our offer, which means that your class visit will always be different.

What you definitely need to know

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Have a safe class trip

In order to ensure you and your students a safe visit, we receive fewer groups at the same time, so that your class(es) can keep sufficient distance from students from other schools. In addition, it was necessary to partially or completely close or remove certain setups that could not be sufficiently decontaminated or where sufficient physical distance could not be maintained.

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School rates secondary

Schools enjoy a special school rate. Not everything you read on this page is included in your entrance ticket. For a small surcharge, you can get more from your visit.

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As we are not allowed to allow eating and drinking at Technopolis, the picnic area is also closed, and you cannot get drinks or snacks from our vending machines. Like all other restaurants in the country, the Technopolis restaurant is temporarily closed.

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Advantageous combi tickets

Combine your visit with one of the many attractions in the area.

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Included in your day ticket

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Primary & secondary

Main exhibition

Our main exhibition is a mix of original and interactive exhibits that show the role science and technology play in our daily lives.

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Primary & secondary

Water side closed to make room for new zone

Our Water side has been removed to make way for a brand-new zone that will open in the spring of 2021. Our best setups from the Water side will be temporarily stored. By the end of 2022, they will be given a nice spot in the by then renovated and expanded Children’s Science Centre. Discover all our plans for the future!

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Primary & secondary

Playing sports outside the box

Playing sports is healthy… but Sports 2.0 is COOL! Add some new technologies to your sports experience and you’ll be surprised how simple and how much fun it is to expand your boundaries. 

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Primary & secondary


What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Primary & secondary

Science Garden

Fill your lungs with some refreshing science in our Science Garden!

Head outside!

Not included in your day ticket

From the 4th year primary


A nice route especially along fifteen interactive exhibits.

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Technopolis isn't just something you must see, but something you should... experience! Take your class on a trip to Technopolis and quickly and easily book your visit online!