Frequently asked questions

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My tickets

If your online tickets have not yet expired, you can rebook them yourself using our ticket module. Register or log in first using the circle next to the shopping cart. Then choose a new date under orders’ using the calendar.

If you can’t find the email with your tickets, you can download your tickets again using our ticket module. Register or log in first using the circle next to the shopping cart. Then download your tickets under orders’.

If something went wrong during your order or if you are unable to log in, you can ask us to resend your tickets by email at 015342000 or info@​technopolis.​be.

Your ordered tickets will be sent from no_​reply@​enviso.​io. Be sure to check your mailbox for unwanted emails or spam.

If it is urgent and you cannot reach a staff member right away, you can come to Technopolis and have your already reserved tickets looked up by name at the reception desk, if you can show proof of payment. So don’t cancel your visit!

No. Technopolis has a large free car park around the building. The gates of this car park close in the evening after opening time, so remember not to leave your car here after closing time.

A voucher can be recognised by its unique code and can be exchanged for a free ticket to visit Technopolis.

Choose the free ticket annual pass holder, I already have a valid ticket’ in the ticket module to reserve your visit. Upon arrival, hand in your voucher at the reception desk.

You can also exchange your voucher for a ticket at the reception desk on the day of your visit, provided we are not already full. However, this only happens in very exceptional cases.

If you have a free ticket, you can simply exchange it at reception. You can buy the rest of your tickets online or at reception. Technopolis is only full in very (very, very) exceptional circumstances.

My gift voucher

If you want to exchange it for admission tickets, you can do so at reception on the day of your visit, provided that we are not yet full. But that only happens in very exceptional cases.

If you want to book online, for a free ticket select annual pass holder, I already have a valid ticket’ in the ticketing module to book your visit. Upon arrival, hand in your gift voucher at reception.

Discounts, cheques, passes…

Yes, you can.

Show us your annual pass on the day of your visit and we will deduct the discount.

If you still want to make a reservation, contact us or the partner in question to obtain a discount code. If not everyone you are coming with has a valid season ticket, you will have to place the order twice and pay twice (once for the tickets with the discount code and once for the tickets at normal price).

You will be asked for your season ticket from the partner organisation for verification, so be sure to bring it along.

Reservations are not necessary. Just show your pass together with your identity card at the cashier at Technopolis. You will then receive free admission for yourself and one person of your choice. This benefit is only granted once a year.

Yes, you can. You can find out how to do this in our overview of discounts and cheques.

No, sorry, that is not possible.

My annual pass

An annual pass is valid for one year, starting from the date of purchase. If you are unsure about the validity date of your annual pass, please send an ‑email to info@​technopolis.​be and we will let you know the exact validity date.

Yes, you can if you buy your annual pass at the cashier at Technopolis. You will find a list of all means of payment under discounts and cheques.

You can order an annual pass online or at the reception desk when you arrive or leave. Good to know:

  • When you buy your annual pass at Technopolis, you get to take it home right away. You do not have to bring a photo, we take them on the spot. If you bought a day ticket earlier that day, you will get your day ticket refunded when you buy your annual pass.
  • If you buy your annual pass online, you will receive it at your first visit to Technopolis. If you need it earlier, for example because you want to make use of the discount to visit one of our partner parks, you can always ask to collect the annual pass earlier or have them sent to you by post.

Yes, you can. You will find a list of all attractions and discounts under partner discounts.

Accessibility and facilities

Yes, because we think everyone deserves a day full of fun scientific discoveries. You will find all information about our facilities in a convenient overview.

Yes, you will find all information about these facilities in a convenient overview.

No, unfortunately pets are not allowed inside Technopolis, not even a small dog in a carrier bag.

Only guide dogs and those for the blind are allowed an exception. They are allowed to enter in support of their owners.

Other questions

We recommend that families with children aged four years or older visit us.

On the website we indicate a minimum age for everything on offer at Technopolis. This is a recommendation rather than a strict minimum, as every child is different.

No, we do not work with guides. Discovering and exploring everything yourself is the message, but that does not mean you cannot ask questions. Our staff will be happy to help you.

For specific questions, please contact a restaurant employee. You can also send an e‑mail to info@​technopolis.​be before your visit.

Yes, you can, as long as the photos and videos are not used for commercial purposes. For images with commercial purposes, you must submit a request to info@​technopolis.​be.

We have a list of items found. You can contact us at 015342000 or at info@​technopolis.​be to inquire about an item.

After making an appointment, it can be picked up at Technopolis or sent to you, if you are willing to pay the shipping costs. If your missing item is not on our list, we will add it to our list along with your contact details.

On Wednesdays and during weekends when the weather is nice. You can also come and experiment here in peace and quiet on school days from 15.00 to 17.00 (closing time).

How long a visit to Technopolis lasts depends on many factors. Are you taking children who want to get to the bottom of every experiment? Or are they more selective? Our offer also varies. In weekends and during holidays we organise shows and sometimes workshops. We estimate that a visit lasts 4 hours on average, but it may be that your visit lasts longer or shorter.

Explanations of all our interactive exhibits are provided in Dutch, French and English. We will also do our best to guide French- and English-speakers during our workshops (during school holidays). For practical reasons, our demos and shows are only given in Dutch.

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