Colour in a flag and get a free ticket

Why not pay us another visit soon to say goodbye to the Children’s Science Centre? In September, we will start building an entirely new adventure. To celebrate this, we’ll be hanging a bunting in the Children’s Science Centre during the summer holidays. Want to lend a hand?

Print out a flag, colour it in and bring it to Technopolis. In return, you’ll receive one free ticket (418 years) to be among the first to explore our new zone for tiny tots from the Christmas holidays onwards.
Download your flag
Vlaggenwimpel Kinder doe centrum 2 2

Choose a flag

There are 10 different ones. Each flag features something you can do at the Children’s Science Centre, such as baking pizza, laying roof tiles or filling up a jeep. Choose a flag showing the activity you love most or would love to come and do and print it out.

Vlaggenwimpel Kinder doe centrum 5 3

Turn it into an artwork!

Now it’s time to cut out and colour in your flag. Get out your crayons, marker pens or paints and lay on the colour! Feel free to use glitter, pompoms and anything else too.

Vlaggenwimpel Kinder doe centrum 6

Show your flag at reception

Show your flag when you buy your day tickets (or annual pass) at the reception desk or have them scanned. In return, you’ll receive a free ticket (one per family) to explore our new zone for tiny tots from the Christmas holidays onwards.

Hang up your own flag

Did you show your flag at reception? Then hang it up next to all the others in the Children’s Science Centre. If everyone brings a flag, together we can make a colourful bunting that can’t be missed.

A good reason to buy your tickets online

You can buy your tickets either online or at Technopolis. At the reception desk you always pay the standard rate, but online you can often get a great deal.

What you need to know

You can colour in and bring more than one flag, but we’ll only give one free child ticket (valid from the Christmas holidays) per family.
Only visitors with a valid ticket or annual pass can benefit from this offer.
This offer is valid from Saturday 29 June to Sunday 1 September 2024.
The offer does not apply to group visits, birthday parties or other special deals.
filling up a jeep

Come again soon to the Children’s Science Centre in Technopolis

Fancy one last go at laying roof tiles, baking pizzas, running a supermarket and filling up a jeep? Hurry up! After 1 September, we will be closing the doors and starting construction work.

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